About me - LORIEVANS photography


My interest in photography began when I inherited my brother's 35 mm Canon he purchased in Vietnam.  I was truly inspired by the photographs he captured during the war.  In high school, I took a one week course in B&W photography and development. I loved the creativity.  

Fast forward to the digital age where there is instant gratification.  I recently returned from a trip to the African continent and found I took about 6300 photographs!  

My eyes turn to lines....in architecture or even in the path made by the footprints of a hippopotamus.  Black and whites, nature, animals, sunsets, macrophotography, architecture, reflections and simplicity.....I'm drawn to all.

I've photographed parts of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, Mexico, several Asian countries and the African continent.  I have many places on my list such as Vietnam, Fiji and Washington D.C. 

As I dive into my collection, I'll be updating my website periodically so please visit again.  In the meantime, enjoy what you see and maybe even take home a print or a phone cover.  

Feel free to contact me if you have questions. 

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